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Join the Dream Team as they turn nightmares into epic adventures in the second book of Tom Percival's action-packed, illustrated Dream Team series, following Attack of the Heebie-Jeebies.
Everyone at Erika's school is excited about the upcoming talent show and her friend Alan is hilarious. But there's NO WAY he'd be willing to do a comedy routine - he's far too nervous. After she falls asleep that night, Erika gets a call from the Dream Team to help on a mission. A girl called Chanda's dream is being attacked by jitters and nothing seems to be going right. Try as they might, the team can't get control of her dream, but Erika suddenly realizes that there is a connection between Chanda and her friend Alan. Can she help Chanda to gain some confidence before the jitters take over completely? Written and illustrated by Little Legends creator Tom Percival, The Case of the Jitters is the second book in the funny and heartwarming Dream Team series, which explores anxiety in children.

A Case of the Jitters (Dream Team #2) by Tom Percival

SKU: 9781529029178

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