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" ...I do not want
to be crippled
before I can walk,
to be shoved
in the face of machismo
and whipped
to take it up
in the name of being a man..."
Ndanu Mungala ( Breaking through)

"...Now she falls,
And now she bleeds.
The camera takes it all in.
It is seven o’clock,
The way of the cross on your screen..."
Poesiapoa Njeri (Facing Jeevanjee Gardens)

"...Mercy, don’t you understand that I am a man?
I have a high libido;
I must have it when I need it.
I have to be satisfied,
That’s the reason I have you.
Mercy, I am a man.

Fred, I understand; you are a man.
I should suppress my libido.
I can’t have it till you ask.
I have no urges to satisfy.
I must lower my pants when you want
Fred, you are just being a man..."
Samuel Munene (Am A Man?)

To Be A Man, poetry anthology

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