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When we think of the word ‘Bottomless’, what comes to mind? ‘Endless possibilities, limitless, boundless, infinite, unlimited supply’

What is Bottomless Books

Well, if you ask the directors down at Soma Nami Books after the party they'd probably answer with variations of this; "Books don't gotta be that serious, that's why we ask you to kiki with us over bubbly and lots and lots and lots of books" When you pose the same question prior to the ever flowing banter, books and bubbly they would say exactly this "For us (Muthoni and Wendy), all our great ideas have come to us over a glass of wine, even this one, and we definitely wanted to incorporate a wine element to the event to create a more relaxed atmosphere thus, Bottomless Books was born"

Bottomless Books is one of the ways we engage with our community- the bookish community. We started this social mixer to enable us to translate our online vibe offline, as a way to check in, face to face with all the people in our DM's, comment section and likes. The mixers' purpose is to create deeper connections, promote networking and facilitate social interactions within this bookish community and beyond. We want to provide a relaxed and informal environment for people; to engage in conversations, build relationships and exchange ideas or simply enjoy the company of like minded individuals. We lost count of the number of friendships that started at the various Soma Nami events and are continuously glad we get to play cupid in these relationships'.

The idea behind the name Bottomless Books?

When we think of the word ‘Bottomless’, what comes to mind? ‘Endless possibilities, limitless, boundless, infinite, unlimited supply’. Unsurprisingly, it’s always associated with food and drink. But what nourishes our souls, expands our knowledge and broadens our horizons? Naturally, its the books! So we went ahead and did a spin on that. The outcome? An immersive and captivating experience where booklovers can indulge themselves in an endless supply of books and literary adventures.

The idea behind Bottomless Books is to create an environment where book enthusiasts can dive into their reading passions unabashedly. Its a non-discriminatory space that welcomes readers of all genres. Bottomless Books says, quite literally, come as you are! Below is a link to all the unbridled joy this space brings.

Ideas for the future?

There's only one way to find out! Stay linked and there might be more news coming your way faster than you an say Bottomless Books Third Edition!

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