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For the Record has the radical openness of a tell-all book. It is peppered with candid recollection of key events, dates and private conversations that illuminate the thought process of some of the most prominent leaders in Kenya. It exposes the blunders and successes of Kenya’s collective leadership over the past decade. In a way, it reads like frank self-assessment — warts and all—from a grassroots lawmaker with a national profile, a  clear-eyed introspection by a connected politician with access to the inner sanctum of power.

In this book, Duale reflects on the philosophy of the hustle. He shows that even if you have a mentor opening doors for you, you must put in the hours, the toil, the sweat and the tears. In the end, with God, everything works out. 

For a man who served in a House of records that the Legislature is, working closely with three presidents and one prime minister, Duale had to tell his story. This riveting book needed to be written for the record.

For The Record by Aden Duale

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