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Three bolts from the blue represent unexpected things in three different stories.

Max Njagi is a detective based in Nairobi. He is with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). A widower whose wife perished during an Al-shabaab attack at a mall in Nairobi, he has other demons haunting him, including an unsolved case of a mysterious killer nanny that is DCI's nightmare. In the first story, a university girl goes for a sleepover at a recent graduate's house to indulge in a romantic night, but then in the morning, she is dead. The young man has no idea of what might have happened. He turns tail and disappears into hiding, leaving behind a dead body and a mystery for Max to solve. In the second story, Max's goddaughter goes missing in blurry circumstances. Max convinces his boss to let him trail the case, even though he is the lead investigator in the mystery of the killer nanny which has never been solved. The third story sees Evanso and Roy, teenagers at Furaha High, get caught up in an unexpected web; a dilemma where both choices spell trouble. They could have avoided it if only they had decided against sneaking out of school to get weed and liquor.

3 Bolts from the Blue by Lesalon Kasaine

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