Soma Nami Books is introducing a monthly book subscription service like no other!!


Maybe you’ve decided you want to start reading more, but you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve always been a self-identified bookworm, but you’re having trouble finding books outside your go-to genres. Or you simply can’t find the time to  browse through hundreds of collections in a bookstore.


Signing up for  Soma Nami’s monthly book subscription box could be the simple answer to all of your literary problems


Whats in the box?

 - A brand new book from the selected theme of the month

 - High quality bookish item

 - Reading guides

 - Specially selected treats


Reading has never looked so Good!!


So you’ve got your own reading situation under control, but picking out titles for your kids has you scratching your head? The Zuhura Book Box is here to ease your worries and is also a great way to get your kids excited about reading, too.


Some children develop a dislike for reading due to equating it to homework, but if a child knows that they have one or two books coming in every month, in a fun package addressed to them, that’s something to celebrate!


Sign up for your Children’s Book Boxes today and build in them a reading culture!!

Whats in the box?

 - A brand new book from the selected theme of the month

 - An activity , game or second book

 - Additional goodies and treats


How it Works.....


Every month we pick a theme, which will be as diverse as possible from month to month, ranging from Memoirs and Biographies, to Classics, Fictional books, Historical and Historical Fiction, Motivational, Feminist Literature, Fantasy …you name it. Everybody’s preference is covered!


We Pick a maximum of 4 books from the selected theme of the month. Each book title is carefully selected and handpicked to ensure whichever book you pick will be quite the trip.


Select one book from the 4 listed selections and choose your subscription box. You can pick the Zohari Subscription (adult box) or if you’d like to add for you and your kids, you can pick both Zohari and Zuhura Subscriptions.


Once you make your selection, make payment (Fun Fact: You can select more than one if you want two books or more from our selections)


Sit back and relax. Your specially curated book box is on its way to your doorstep!


  • The four (4) book selections are announced before the 10th of each month

  • Book selections must be done by the 25th of each month for deliveries to be rolled out in the first week of the next month

  • The Book choices will vary on a month to month basis in line with the Month's theme but you get to choose whichever book you prefer from the four on offer 

Ready to place your order? 

You can subscribe to get this product every month, or make a one-time purchase.

April 2021 Theme: The Trials of Love

April 2021 Theme: Comics

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs and Guidelines

Frequently asked questions


1. Why Should I subscribe to the Soma Nami Book Box?

Subscription Book boxes are a new fun way to enjoy reading. Not only does it save you time browsing through bookshelves and online stores, but it also exposes you to books you would probably not normally pick for yourself or your child. Try our book boxes, there is always something for everyone.

2. What should I expect in the book Box?

Expect a specially curated and personalized book box containing your selected book, reading guides and bookish goodies specially chosen each month including book mugs, tote bags, branded pens and notebooks etc. For the children’s book boxes, we will include bookish items to help in their cognitive development and creative abilities such as colouring pens and books, games, sweat treats, guides etc.

3. When will be box be delivered?

The books are shipped in the first week of every month to ensure you have a book to read on any particular month. We will communicate via email on when you should expect delivery. We endeavor to have all subscription boxes delivered before the 10th of each month. Ensure all orders are made before the 25th day of the previous month.

*For example, our book list for February will be published by the 10th of February. Ensure you place your order via our website by the 25th of February for delivery to be effected the first week of March.*

4. What if I don’t like any selected book in the theme of the month?

Every month we pick a theme and provide you a selection of 5 books in line with the theme. The books are carefully selected to ensure that you will always find something to pick. If however the theme or the book selections are not to your liking, you may consider skipping on that month and checking the next month’s themes and book selections. You can always decide to gift a special someone the subscription box if none of the books tickle your fancy.

5. Can I buy a Book Box as a Gift for someone else?

On the checkout page you will have the option to select "This is a gift." You can then enter the recipient's name, delivery address, contact details, and leave a comment with a special gift note. Your gift note will also be included in the recipient's gift box.

6. Do you deliver outside Nairobi?

Yes we do. We are currently shipping all over Kenya. Delivery/shipping charges are calculated once you input your delivery address.

7. You have different prices for different boxes. How exactly does your pricing work?

Each subscription plan is priced accordingly. Some things we take into consideration: the price of the book, the shipping materials, the time it takes to package up your subscription with all that love, any goodies or extras that are included.

8. Can I order from Soma Nami Books separately?

Yes sure!! You don’t have to be a book box subscriber to order books from us. You can order from Soma Nami Books anytime via our online store.

If your question is not covered in these responses, please feel free to reach out to us via phone +254 706 015 140 or email