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What matters most to you? What does your future hold? And are you using your energy in the most consequential way - by pursuing the life of your dreams?

In her first book, the bestselling JUST F*CKING DO IT, Noor Hibbert showed you how to turn your life around by changing the way you think. This book goes deeper by examining not just how to improve your life through positive thinking, but how to direct your positivity in the most consequential direction - towards the life you most want - and need - to live.

This book will redirect your focus towards your future by stepping back and looking inward first - examining what has got you to this point in your life and pinpointing what you most need, next. Too often we're told to find our purpose but left floundering when it comes to putting it into practice.

This book will show you there is no one divine route but instead a combination of independent purposes which you can sequence, pursue, combine and implement. You'll learn to live on purpose, reclaim your power, gain a new and healthier perspective and realize that life is for the making and the taking. And the author who is well on track to manifesting her way to a million will show you how the universe will be work alongside you, offering help.

You Only Live Once: Find your purpose. Make life count by Noor Hibbert

SKU: 9781529376463

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