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First published in 1994, Uongozi  Wetu na Hatima ya Tanzania deals with many serious problems facing Tanzanians then, mainly focusing on issues related to the Union - the integrity and stability of The United Republic of Tanzania. Specifically, the book discusses the challenges to the Union's existence which arose as a consequence of a series of unchallenged actions of doubtful validity under the Union Constitution, which actions are even in direct contravention of the said Constitution; and the failure of the Union leadership to deal honestly, straightforwardly and firmly, with these matters. Uongozi Wetu na Hatima ya Tanzania explains the reasons for the original decision to establish a Two Government structure, emphasizing that, on 26th April 1964, two independent  African states surrendered their sovereignty to one New Country - The United Republic of Tanzania and signed a Union Agreement to that effect. This was true for Tanganyika, which reserved no autonomy, so that from then onwards it neither has nor has have any separate government. It was equally true of Zanzibar, which does have a separate government with powers to deal with all those matters relating to Zanzibar which were not (then and since) transferred to the Union Government.

Uongozi Wetu na Hatima Ya Tanzania by Julius K. Nyerere

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