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Olivier Roland offers an inspiring road map to help readers get more out of life as an 'Intelligent Rebel' and find success and fulfilment by breaking out of the system.

Do you dream of a less stressful life? Join the Intelligent Rebels and discover how to achieve success in business AND create freedom to live life to the full.

Perhaps you're stuck in the commute-work-sleep cycle and want to get more out of life. Or you feel as though your life is missing something. Olivier Roland can help. He guides you on the pathway to identifying, embracing and sharing your ultimate purpose - your 'raison d'�tre'.

The Way of the Intelligent Rebel will encourage you to think outside the box, understand the limitations of conventional schooling, engage in life-long learning, throw yourself into a project dear to your heart and live a worthwhile and rewarding life while adding value to society. Based on personal experience, research into thousands of entrepreneurs and over 400 scientific studies, Olivier will show you how to:

- Transform your life into an adventure and walk your own path in the world
- Have a career that serves your life, instead of your life constantly serving your career
- Understand why and how the modern education system is flawed and not designed with everyone in mind
- Turn your perceived 'weaknesses' into strengths and embrace your individuality
- Flourish, add value to the world and enjoy every second!

This book will help you realize your full potential, embrace your creativity and shape your own journey to success. Find delight in your vibrant, enriching life right here, right now and make the world a better place. What are you waiting for?

The Way Of The Intelligent Rebel by Olivier Roland

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