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Privacy consultant and AI expert Ivana Bartoletti explores the urgent existential threat that artificial intelligence poses to international social justice When most people think about AI, they think about the future—from driverless cars and smart cities to HAL 9000 and the Terminator—and are unaware that AI is already creating a dystopian present. The third book in the Mood Indigo series argues that the rapid growth of the AI industry is threatening to undo decades of progress in human rights and global equality. AI has unparalleled transformative potential to reshape society, our economies and our working lives, but without legal scrutiny, international oversight and public debate, we are sleepwalking into a future written by algorithms which encode racist, sexist and classist biases into our daily lives. This book exposes the reality of the AI revolution, from the low-paid workers who toil to train algorithms to recognize cancerous polyps, to the rise of techno-racism and techno-chauvinism and the symbiotic relationship between AI and right wing populism.

The Artificial Revolution by Ivana Bartoletti

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