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The children’s books by Kwame Nyong’o series offers fresh stories about the Africa that is largely not shown. By revealing some of the multitudes of authentic and uplifting narratives from today’s continent, these children’s books are a great way for young people to embrace African culture. ‘I Love Ugali and Sukuma Wiki’ brings to life the world of one energetic Kenyan boy, Akiki and his love for his favourite food - ugali and sukuma wiki. Ugali and sukuma wiki is the staple dish of maizemeal and greens cherished throughout eastern Africa. Set in western Kenya, where the sun dances with Africa’s largest lake to create the most incredible sunsets, Akiki’s carefree life faces the challenge of personal responsibility. The storybook carries the reader through a spread of lovely words and African imagery. A few Swahili terms are blended in as well, for which there is a translation dictionary. An ugali and sukuma wiki recipe is also included so you can have fun making some at home! 36 pages with 22 colour illustrations.

I Love Ugali and Sukuma Wiki by Kwame Nyongó

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