This book is designed to help men and women create a better understanding around the game of golf and improve their relationship. Women learn why men love the game of golf so passionately and how they too can enjoy the “golf lifestyle.” Men learn the secret to playing more golf may actually lie in keeping their relationship the priority. This is the perfect gift for the golfer or the golfer’s wife or significant other as it brings a unique perspective on golf, love and life that they both can enjoy. The reader learns how one study found that golfers had an increased life expectancy of five years. In addition there is a special “women only” section to help women learn how to use golf as a way to network/socialize with other women, make time for themselves and connect with their family. These and other insights captivate the reader as they embark on their path to greener fairways in golf and in their relationship. You will discover: • What men have always wanted women to understand about their love for the game • Why men need their male bonding time on the course and the importance of the 19th hole • What men and women can learn about relationships from the game of golf • How women can create their own “back nine club” to make new friends and enjoy the sport • How men and women can benefit from the game of golf • How to create a lifestyle that will keep you enjoying the “sweet spot” in golf and in life

Honey I Love Golf But I Love You More!

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  • Jodi Walker