DESCRIPTION: Dr. Illuminatus is a fast-paced story of alchemy and adventure, and sorcery and suspense, in which past and present comfortably coexist. When Tim and Pipís family moves to an old English country estate, they accidentally awaken an alchemistís son, Sebastian, from a centuries-old slumber. But Sebastianís fatherís enemy, Pierre de LoudÈac, has also awakened--and is relentlessly pursuing the dream of alchemists to create an homunculus, an artificial human made from dead material. Aided by Sebastianís wise guidance and insight into six hundred yearsí history, the two spirited siblings bravely take action to stop the manís ominous quest. But even as they daringly defeat de LoudÈac in this battle, Evil lives on. . . .ìAll the magic in Dr. Illuminatus is real,î the author has noted, ìthe chants, the herbs, the potions, and the equipment.î The irresistible combination of history, humor, and horror will keep young readers on the edge of their seats--and anxious for the next installment.

Doctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist's Son, Part I

  • William Steig